I fell in love with going to concerts and music festivals at a very young age.  Growing up in the Maryland/Washington D.C. area, I had the pleasure of attending all of the HFStivals at RFK Stadium, Phish shows at Merriweather, and weekend festivals at Wilmer’s Park, just to name a few.  Attending shows and festivals has always been such a magical and amazing experience for me and I was immediately hooked.  As I got older, I began immersing myself deeper into the scene.  I wanted to play a bigger role so I started marketing for local venues and eventually got to be involved in coordinating artist meet and greets, airport transportation for musicians, show/band promotions, and food and craft vending.  I was so grateful to be involved and thoroughly enjoyed everything I was doing.   

Around the summer of 2008, I was at a show with a bunch of my friends and it had been raining all day.  Luckily the show was not canceled but as you can imagine everything was completely wet and muddy.  This will never deter a loyal fan from dancing in the rain of course, but it can get pretty nasty out there!  As I stood on top of the wet muddy hill, I noticed some people sitting down on a tapestry with a trash bag underneath of it.  They were sliding around and fighting to keep the two together so they can try to stay a little dry while they took a load off.  That’s when it hit me!  Why not take a tarp and sew a tapestry over it to make the perfect festie blanket ever?  When I shared my idea with a friend, almost immediately we went to work and made the first ever prototype.  It was a huge success.  This quickly became a festie gear staple for me and we still never go to a show without it, regardless of the weather; they last FOREVER.  My blanket received a lot of positive attention over the years.  I had so many people ask what it was, where I got it, and if I could make one for them which is when I realized that I should really get serious about starting a small business.  When my amazing husband and I started dating in 2011, he supported the idea 100% and was not only eager to start the business, he gave me the encouragement I needed to make it happen.  In fact, he helped evolve the blanket into what it is today which we proudly call the Mellow Mood Mat™.  Each Mellow Mood Mat has a super big hidden stash pocket, a unique logo patch, and straps for easy handling and carrying.  We have a variety of vibrant patterns to choose from.  And STAY TUNED for the release of our new 2.0 artist collaboration Mellow Mood Mats currently in production!  Thank you so much for your love and support!